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Excellent example of Real Estate Staging using the home owners own furnishings. This room is immaculately clean, painted a neutral warm color, and decorated simply with no clutter or personal items. This room appeals to a wide variety of potential buyers.

This homeowner wanted help buying affordable accessories and art for her living room.  She asked for a simple, traditional, uncluttered look.

These homeowners wanted this guest bedroom to double as an office, but who would want to sleep or work in this space?  We also needed to work within a small budget and utilize what the homeowners already owned.

On our recommendation, the homeowners painted the desk and headboard to match and painted the walls a neutral, earthy green/beige and accented the beautiful bay window with a deep red.  We purchased a night stand and red chair.   Now this room is not only functional, it's pretty too!

These homeowners wanted a more welcoming living room.  They also wanted to purchase a new sofa and new tables.

Placing the furniture facing toward the hallway opens up the space and invites people to walk right in and sit down.  Placing two table lamps and a floor lamp in a triangle pattern gives a homey, warm feeling to the room.


This master bedroom was lovely before but the homeowner wanted some color on these white walls.


Sherwin Williams paint color, Sands of Time warmed up the walls and it made a huge difference! The change is much more dramatic in person than can be seen in these photos. The client wanted a change and decided to buy a neutral duvet, lamps, and add some orange accents throughout the room, not all can be seen in this picture.

These clients knew that something was not quite right with their living room even though their home was new and they had recently purchased new furnishings.  They love traveling and they own unique and interesting art from their travels.

This room did not have an obvious focal point, so we created one with a grouping of framed art from  Europe.  We rearranged the furniture on an angle into a cozy conversation area, centered around the new focal point.  We brought drama into the space with soft sage walls accented with a bold, warm red wall.


These clients have a beautiful collection of original art by the same artist: four pieces on this wall and three pieces in another room. The clients wanted this wall to be a focal point in the room and wanted help choosing a paint color that would complement the other walls as well as the colors already in the furnishings and accessories.


The clients utilized our color consulting service and chose a deep, earthy, greenish grey and it looks amazing! Now they want help with organizing their beautiful art and accessories...



I think this picture speaks for itself! Besides the art gallery, we decluttered the china hutch and displayed the client's favorite treasures. We brought in another lamp which helped light up the wall gallery. We also moved the red rug under the sofa table and reaccessorized the sofa table as well as the kitchen table. We hung the two round bowls to the right of the hutch and the end result is absolutely stunning!


Bringing all seven pictures together and making a gallery of this artists work created a dramatic effect that the clients were looking for. The white shelves they had before were too much of a contrast against the new, darker paint so we purchased these warm toned wood ledges that compliments the rest of the wood in the room.

This client was dissatisfied with her dining room, but did not know why...

The gorgeous china hutch was clogging up the space making the room  feel small.  We moved it to the back wall where it became the focal point of the room!  Now the space feels larger and the lovely hutch takes center stage!   We updated the chandelier, purchased art and table centerpiece.

This client wanted her master bedroom decorated in her new home with all new furnishings. 

Two years later this same client wanted to redecorate again! She wanted more color on the walls and a tropical, spa-like feel. We painted the walls a lovely blue-green color. She loves to travel to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i so we framed photos of the the flowers she photograghed. The end result is absolutely stunning!


This dining room is from my recent Interior Decorating class in Tampa, Florida.  This before photo shows sage green walls and no furnishings


We chose a warm yellow-green color for the walls, with a rich dark brown color in the ceiling tray.  We purchased a new dining set, rug, ready-made drapes, and accessories. 


This bathroom is lovely, but it was screaming for some color!


A warm blue-green color gave the room a spa like feel. We decided to really wake up the room with reddish orange accents. Now the lovely, cream colored wainscotting can have some attention instead of blending into white walls! The end result is beautiful...


Client bought a new home and wanted to decorate it all from scratch, everything new. This photo is of the previous owner's furnishings.


We spent several months custom ordering the perfect furnishings to suit her style and small room. The end result is a warm and cozy space that she loves!

Before: The room was dark and dreary due to the closed curtains and too many things in the room.

We rearranged the furniture so that the clients can open the blinds and see the beautiful view out of the window. We eliminated the television and stand, which the clients said they didn't use. We decluttered, rearranged, and moved art from other rooms. The art over the bed is serving as a placeholder because they plan on purchasing a new headboard.


With the bed up against the window, the homeowners rarely opened the curtains.


Now the homeowners are able to open the curtains, let the light shine in and they can enjoy their view outside! It feels like a totally different room! Clients have decided to paint and make a few new purchases for this room. Stay tuned for updated photos!


This client was so much fun! She was so excited over the changes (see above pics), she didn't want to stop! We made a shopping list and on a small budget we purchased ready made draperies, bedspread (which I found for $50!), lamps, and art. The client splurged on the beautiful headboard and footboard.


And just when we thought we were done...client decided it would be nice to have a bench to sit and put on her shoes....beautiful AND practical


Ray and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in our bedroom in just part of an afternoon (plus your planning ahead). It felt very closed in before and now it feels open and welcoming--like a high class hotel room. With the window now exposed, we can even look out and enjoy the view into our back yard.

You have an amazing talent for envisioning how certain art will look on a certain wall. Just adding the simple painting we had downstairs added a special flare to the room.

You were right that the first step is getting all the extras out of the room. I can't believe that we had things in there from 25 years ago--pictures of children who are now grown up and an old atlas full of dust, among other things.

Thanks for helping us to let go of things that were old and dusty while highlighting the photos, art and furniture we love. We will go shopping for the very few items you recommended and look forward to having you back to help with the family room next!!

- Thanks again, Barb and Ray Puigh, Richland

Redesigns by Brenda allowed us to showcase special travel finds in a different way.  Using what we already had and a few new items at Brenda’s suggestion, we finally have a usable and uncluttered room showing off the best of us.

- Satisfied Client, West Richland

I truly appreciate our time and I love just sitting in the living room staring at the changes. How easy it was for you, totally impressive. Thanks again.

-LP, Richland

We were wanting to add some color and decorations to our home but felt we didn't have the ability to know what to do. Redesigns by Brenda helped us to choose coordinating colors for our paint and decorations by working with us to develop a color scheme to follow. We were able to paint and have help purchasing decorations that go well together and got it right the first time saving us money and time.

- Phil and Diane Ohl, Richland

I recently downsized to a two bedroom, two bath home and was in much need of some decorating tips, especially in regard to color. Brenda is a joy to work with. She is pleasant, honest and very much interested in your likes and dislikes. Brenda is very good about guiding you but at the same time tries to help you make your makeover a reflection of you and your personality. I am thrilled with what she and I have accomplished.

- D. R., Walla Walla

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